About us

About us

Media Factory is about interesting projects, unique solutions and individual approach. All that is possible thanks to great deal of experience of dedicated people.


Thanks to our strong background in advertising industry we’ve got to know our Customers and their needs, therefore our project can build your company’s assets and put it before the competition. We understand the importance of a professional service aimed at consumers with a good taste, and an eye for high value and elegance.

We can build your brand identity from scratch – starting with a design, by printing to execution and assembly. We provide service in terms of graphic designs, advertising and marketing tools. You can order a single graphic creation as well as complex advertising campaign. In our team we have also professional web designers and logo designers to make your company’s graphic identity complete. .


What’s important?

The best or not at all

Nothing justifies a bad service. Quality sells itself and that’s what we want.

Aesthetics and a good idea

Or at least good enough! Otherwise it’s a waste of energy, time and material.

Flexibility and understanding

That means a great customer service. We are very, very patient.


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