Advertisement doesn’t hurt

At home, workplace or on the street, when traveling or on holiday – advertisements are everywhere. No wonder that new solutions have to be used over and over. The goal is here to stand out in the crowd, get attention and sell the product. To make sure that the campaign is successful one needs to…
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Car branding – vinyls in the right colour

One of the ways to brand a car is to use plotter cut vinyls. It is not as open-ended as the proper print, because you cannot use any photographs on it and use colour-complicated designs, but it is cheaper and has a few other advantages. Polymer and cast ORACAL vinyls that we use in our…
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UV spot gloss – Subtle elegance

UV spot gloss can be used to make your company’s promotional materials look significantly more refined. Transparent UV spot gloss applied on smooth matte surface of any business card perfectly highlights chosen elements. The effect is more elegant and prestigious look of your promotional materials. Usually before applying UV spot gloss we cover the paper…
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